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    embedded world 2023

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    UART TFT (EV charger pile)

    UART TFT module with 7” Capacitive touch panel, which integrates Cortex-M4 MCU and 2D TFT graphical display accelerators.
    The main function is to provide UART serial communication.
    So that the host MCU can easily transfer the content to be displayed to the TFT driver through simple command.

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    Anti bacterial glass

    During this special time period,all the people are suffering the ache of COVID-19.
    Lose the job,restriction,Risk of illness,tenterhooks.
    But some people keep working, keep moving, we should also be strong.

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    Check out with PayPal

    Our web site begin accepting buyers to use of credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and PayPal payments.
    The setup is fast and convenient to purchase LCD module/Color TFT/OLED samples for testing, and we would guide you step by step.

  • Feb/21/2019


    Electronic paper and e-paper, also sometimes electronic ink or e-ink, are display devices that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. (Read More...)

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    Projected Capacitive Touch

    Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (PCT or PCAP ) is fast becoming one of the most prevalent touch technologies for an expanding variety of applications ranging from consumer devices to commercial applications in retail, gaming and signage. (Read More....)

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    Optical Bonding

    Optical bonding process which is the process of laminating cover glass or touchscreens to the LCD cell. (Read More....)

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    COG displays (Chip-On-Glass) are monochrome, passive-matrix LCDs.
    They are classified as a graphic or character displays that can demonstrate information in a dot matrix pattern or as text. (Read More....)

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website!

    After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our website in Autumn 2018.